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Zentique Terms and Conditions

Opening Order

Product Information:


-Please register at in order to view all pricing, photos, and measurements.


-By signing up for our website, you have agreed to the terms and conditions that Zentique has placed.


-All measurements are approximate. If there is no measurement listed, it is not available for disclosure at the moment.


-Our catalog is available for download on our website only.


- Pricing is subject to change at any time and any misprints of inaccurate pricing that is published will not be honored.

Pricing can be confirmed by any of our sales associates. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


To be considered a Stocking Dealer:


-The minimum opening purchase must exceed $1000(USD) for furniture and $300(USD) for accessories under

both stocking and non stocking dealer price.


-If the total (not including shipping and handling) has surpassed $1000(furniture) or $300(accessories), the customer

will automatically receive stocking dealer prices for that order and for any other future orders.


-Once the stocking dealer status has been obtained, it is permanent. Therefore, there are no minimum re-order




How to place your order:


-All purchase orders must be submitted to


-We do not accept orders, changes, cancellations over the phone. It must be submitted by email or fax.

-All purchase orders must include the following information:


-Company Name


-Item Number (Available on our website) & Item Quantity -Shipment Destination Address & Contact Number


-Please note that inactive pending orders exceeding 30 days after the original purchase order date are

subject to automatic cancellation.


Confirming your order:


-Once we have received your purchase order, a confirmation will be sent to you via email.


-The confirmation email will ask for you to carefully examine the attached sales order

to check for any corrections to be made and to confirm that everything is correct. If the customer

confirms that the order is correct, Zentique is not liable for any discrepancies from the original order.

This email will also contain a credit card authorization form for your convenience.


-The sales order in the confirmation email will specify if an item is on back order.


-Please be advised that once we have sent you a confirmation email, the items will only be held for 24 hours

without payment before being released back into the inventory.


-After you have confirmed that everything is as intended and have sent us the credit card form signed with

the authorized amount, we will then process your payment and move your order into packing.




-Once your order has been paid in full, it generally takes about 3 to 4 weeks for orders to leave our warehouse.

This delay can be avoided by paying the $200 expedite fee (Please refer to page 4)


-Shipping time may vary due to weather, holidays, trucking pick-up delays, etc.


-We do not ship orders as complete, even if the items are paid for in advance. We will ship out the back orders

separately as they come in stock.


Back Orders:


-Upon receiving a sales order stating that an item is back ordered, you may opt to pay for the back order

in advance in order to guarantee priority over the item once it is in stock. This may be paid in full or a minimum

of a 30% down payment of the item.


- 30% down payment is non-refundable.


-When a back order is in stock, we will notify you via email.


-All back orders have estimated arrival dates. These are only approximate dates and are subject to change

at any time. This is due to the fact that most of our containers come from overseas.


-Once a back order is in stock and the order is paid in full, the order will take 3 to 4 weeks to leave our warehouse

without an expedite fee.

Payment Terms

Payment Methods:


-Zentique accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Amex credit cards. We also accept checks as a form of payment.


- Full payment of all orders (excluding those under Net 30 Terms) must be made prior to shipping out.

-Payments by check must be allowed at least two weeks for check clearance.


-Zentique reserves the right to refuse delivery of shipments that have not cleared payment. A $75 fee will be charged

for all bounced checks. A $15 fee will be charged for payments by wire transfer.


Net 30 terms:


-At least 1 order must be completed by credit card or check in order to be established under net 30 terms.

-Approval for net 30 terms does not establish approval for future purchases.


-Approval for net 30 terms will be submitted for each separate order. -Orders will be shipped out only after approval has been made.


-Payments must be made within 30 days of the delivery date. In the event of a disapproval for net 30 terms,

another form of payment must be submitted.


Late Payments:


-1.5% of the total invoice amount per month will be charged to all past due accounts.

-The customer will be held responsible for all collection costs and attorney fees.


-Delinquent accounts will be reported to Dun & Bradstreet, Manufacturers Credit Cooperative, and other

credit bureaus and the account will automatically be deactivated.

Shipping Agreement

General Guidelines


• All Shipments are dock to dock


• Residential delivery is curb side.


• Products will be shipped as available


• Products must be inspected prior to signing the delivery receipt


• Any shipment that is signed with no damage on the box/furniture/accessory will be denied as a claim,

except for manufacturer defects


• All items will be shipped out within 3-4 weeks of payment.


• Shipments in packing cannot be altered in any form. This includes address changes, any refunds for additional fees,

and change of LTL company.


Shipping and Handling Charges


• Furniture orders over $1000 will be charged 12%, 16%, 18%, 22%, 23% of the entire order. (see map on next



• Furniture orders under $1000 will be charged a flat rate $120, $160, $180, $220 and $230.


• Accessory (FEDEX/UPS) orders over $500 will be charged 20% of the entire order


• Accessory (FEDEX/UPS) orders under $500 will be charged 28% of the entire order


• Accessory orders that consist of fragile items or large quantity of items will be sent through freight in

accordance with our freight shipping charges.


• Items that are over 32 inches will be charged an additional $50 for oversized packaging via Fedex/UPS.


• 4% handling charge will be applied to those that provide their own Fedex/UPS account number.


• Any additional boxes will be charged $5 a box for Fedex/UPS/customer pickup’s.


• Choosing your own freight company will be charged 4% handling fee for the entire order.


• Zentique is not liable for any damages that occur by third party freight companies.


• If you need a replacement for a damaged item, you must place a new order for the item because

Zentique is not liable for the damages.


• Customer pickups


• Warehouse workers are not obligated to help load our products into the customers vehicle.



• Restocking fee is 25% of the item.


• Restocking fee is applied to:


– All returns that are not damaged.


– Items that customers want to exchange. – Items that customers do not like.


• All returns must be arranged within 3 days of receiving the shipment.


• All items must be returned in perfect condition in order for the return to be accepted.


• Many Zentique products are handcrafted. Our products may vary in color, texture, and finish. These are

not considered defects.


– The aforementioned reasons are not qualified as grounds to file a claim.


• Returns must be authorized by Zentique


• Shipping charges for returns are to be paid by the customer unless Zentique determines it is a product defect.


• Customers must save all ORIGINAL packaging for the return.


• Items must be packed before Zentique will issue a Return Authorization. Zentique is not responsible for packing.


• Customers that provide their own shipping must return the shipment with their carrier. Zentique is not responsible

for the return and the shipping charges.




• Claims must be filed within 3 business days.


• Claims for product defect must be filed within 30 days or the claims will be denied.


• Claims must be submitted to


• Claims may last up to 120 days.


• Please allow the claims department 24 hours to respond to your email before contacting an additional time.


• If the claim is accepted, the damaged item must be back on our docks prior to the replacement shipping.


• Zentique is not liable for customers that have provided their own shipping. They will not receive a replacement


on their claim unless the replacement is paid in full.


• Claims MUST be submitted by Zentique’s customers. Zentique will not accept claims from those not in the trade.


Termination/ Rejection of a claim:


• The claims department has the right to terminate or deny any and all claims at our discretion. Some of the reasons

that may arise for the termination/ rejection are listed below.


– The claimant has not responded within 5 business days. – The claim was filed past the 3 business day limit.


– Customers that provided their own LTL trucking company MUST file with the trucking company and NOT with Zentique.


– Any delivery that is signed and accepted will be denied of any claim. To avoid this problem, please inspect each

item and write any damage on the receipt.


• Ie. Box has dents/ damages on edges. Box is torn.


– If the customer confirms that the order is correct, Zentique is not liable for any discrepancies from the original order.


• Ie. Customer ordered FC035 BAR E271 but did not check the invoice Zentique sent showing FC025 COUNTER E271.


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